let’s talk about fall trends


As I write this I have sweat dripping down my face and my iced coffee has more condensation than caffeine – but alas, I am reporting what trends I will be rocking when the temperature actually dips below 80 degrees.

* resources I used for inspiration are: Instagram, Pinterest, home decor, cinema, artwork, and fashion magazines(vogue, dazed, and marie claire) *

the trends: 

  • patterned blazers
  • berets/baker boy hats
  • patent leather (shoes/pants)
  • shearling jackets
  • silk
  • pink, yellow, and purple (I know what you’re thinking and no, not together, unless you are bold as hell – then I say go for it!)
  • high rise trousers
  • turtlenecks (my personal fav)

I have already started thrifting some fall pieces and I think they all will make interesting looks and go together really well. My goal is to start collecting only what I consider essential pieces or things that I know I would regret not buying in the store. I want to work with those essentials to create multiple different looks rather than wearing an entirely new garment everyday.

The trends this fall remind me a lot of paris/london in the 2000s, annie hall, and keira knightley circa love actually. Basically all I want to do is dress like a free people model – HA.  Below are some neat pictures of my current inspiration for trends- happy scrolling!


monochromatic looks // double green 


patent leather 


effortless chic // color story


that double denim tho


i’m here for this plaid matchset 


HAIM sisters are my style icons forever


killin me with this color


LOL here is a screen-grab from love actually to prove my earlier point


this color story is everything about fall 2017 encapsulated 


this entire look will be me for 3 months 




color combo


denim jumpsuit giving me LIFE


give me all of the patterned pants 



As soon as I can tolerate being outdoors, I will do a post of some of the looks I have put together… so stay tuned, but for now – what trends are you most excited for this fall?

* all photos courtesy of Pinterest *





C + B apartment tour

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After a year of living very uncomfortably in an apartment that we hated, we have finally moved into our new place and we love it! We’ve been slowly accumulating furniture from thrift stores, ikea, and consignment shops to create a home that matches who we both are as people. I might be biased but it may just be the cutest apartment ever. So feast your eyes on the picture below:

kitchen –

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Chloe’s Room –

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My Room –

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thanks for stopping by, you are welcome anytime 😉 and if you have any questions about where things are from just ask in the comments!


NYC Study Tour

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In my last post I described the trip I was taking to New York City with the UNT Fashion Merchandising program, where we got to visit with multiple different brands within the fashion industry and got a chance to ask them questions about how to make a name for ourselves. The industry leaders were rich in advice about connecting with as many people as possible and doing as many internships as you can in different kinds of positions to make certain you are entering the job that is just right for you.

New York was especially hard to leave behind this time because every time that I go, it really does start to feel more and more like home. To make matters worse I went with a group of friends and got dressed in business attire to meet with fashion leaders, so it felt like we had made our own little life there. (If that makes sense… haha) It truly was an unforgettable week filled with laughter, good food, great friends, budding industry connections, and free gifts. This was the jumpstart that I needed to set my goals high and make it back to NYC with a point to prove. As I am writing this I have my LinkedIn profile up and a multitude of  tabs open in the search for a city internship next summer. Fingers crossed and working hard.


just some summer inspiration

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Summer is just around the corner so as per usual I am looking for outfit inspiration and ideas. I have a lot of fun things happening this summer including heading to NYC for a study tour with the UNT Merchandising program, so of course I need to look my best! I have been on Pinterest for the past few weeks rounding up some of my favorite summer looks. So enjoy!



Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Beehive

april is over and I learned some things


I few posts ago I wrote about how I was taking a fast fashion hiatus for the month of April, and now that April is over I want to share with you what all this taught me.

First things first, money was saved. Without making constant trips to the mall to visit some of my favorite stores I would stay home or hangout with friends. This left me with more money to spend elsewhere/save for upcoming trips I have planned for this summer which is a win for most.

When I stopped shopping so frequently, I was less influenced to purchase something solely for the fact that is was trendy. Being someone that is pursuing a degree in fashion I am always keeping up with the latest trends which has shifted my style to be more trend focused rather than style focused, but taking this short little break from extreme exposure to it, allowed for me to breath and think about what the clothing actually meant to me…deep I know. What this has done is allow for me to formulate a wish list of items that I think are essential to my desired style not fashion that might be more expensive, but that I can accumulate over a larger span of time.

After taking only a month long break, as soon as I stepped back into a fast fashion retailer I noticed just how saturated and hypnotizing all of it really is. Let me explain. Now that there is such a fast turnaround time for popular trends it is easy for everyone to hop on board because it is so readily available. This makes for a bunch of little trendy robots that all dress the same(I can say this with hopefully little repercussion because I was one not too long ago). We have created a society that is seriously lacking in individuality, which could be potentially damaging to the psyche of a teenager looking to figure out just exactly who they are/want to become.

And last but certainly not least, it felt really great to know that I was helping out the earth. Which could really use all the help it can get right now!!! So reduce, reuse, recycle, and shop sustainable !!

I will continue to shop a majority of my clothing this way, and I hope by reading this some of you will too. I have attached some articles below that share with you where you can buy sustainable/conscious clothing without sacrificing style – please read them!




Beehive Babe


SO… I have been waiting to share this exciting news and now it is finally time to tell you all that I recently became a Beehive babe (brand ambassador) !! What this means is that I get to share with you all the greatness that is Beehive. They are a boutique out of Austin, with now multiple locations, that all serve up some serious style! I have followed them on Instagram(@beehiveboutique) for quite some time now as one of my sources for inspiration and they are constantly keeping it real with daily doses of extreme cuteness. Beehive is such an inspiring and empowering community that I now get to be apart of, and I am so here for spreading the word. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!

xo B

PS the bikini tee is now in stores so go grab one while you still can!

{ and shoutout to @chloe_gonzales for the bikini tee photos }

i am so over fast fashion


For the month of April I have decided to opt out of shopping at “fast fashion” stores. I feel like as a fashion major I always need to keep up with the latest trends and be on top of my game, but what good is that doing for the environment or even for myself? If I am constantly looking at what other people are wearing and mimicking outfits they are putting together, I start to close myself off from being creative and going out of my comfort zone to try and pair something together that I haven’t seen anyone do before. I am totally here for getting inspiration and admiring certain style icons, but I don’t want to try and be them completely!

Also not so fun fact: fashion is the second largest pollutant in the world, second to OIL. Oil you guys!!!! This completely blows my mind. I knew that it was a problem but I didn’t know just how big. Overproducing is real and we need to make more people aware of it. Is always staying on trend worth THIS much damage? The answer is most definitely no. I am going to try my best to do my part and shop exclusively at secondhand stores or only buy from companies that are environmentally conscious or contribute to my communities economy for the month of April and hopefully longer.

Stay tuned to see if I can keep my butt out of Zara!

New Orleans

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New Orleans is not a place for the faint of heart. Charming and full of fabulous food no doubt, but come nightfall it becomes an interesting and very intense place to say the least. On the first night we decided to tackle the infamous Bourbon Street, because after all we did make the journey to celebrate my dear friend Kerrigan’s 21st birthday. It was a overall a super fun night, but it definitely took a lot out of us. After waking up later than anticipated we opted for a chill day full of exploring, good food and a late night ghost tour. Walking through the streets of the french quarter listening to ghost stories and old legends is a memory I will never forget. Throw in a few beignets from Cafe Du Monde and loads of live jazz and you have yourself quite the enchanting city.

I’ll be back soon,

Journey To BENZIE blooms


For a while now I have felt trapped in a creative rut when it comes to my blog. I knew I need to change up the look and title of my site, as I have grown so much as a person since I first created my blog. When I started this adventure it was my senior year of high school, and I came up with a name that I thought I would love forever – not the case. So, I took the summer to try and find out what direction I wanted to go creatively, and now we’re here.

Here is a look at the journey to BENZIE:

ABOUT ME - Me IMG_5060-3 IMG_5244 IMG_5451 IMG_6373 IMG_7177 IMG_7210 IMG_7256 IMG_7389

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Processed with VSCO with acg preset


Charleston, SC

Life's Pleasures

Let me start by saying Charleston is one of the most charming cities that I have ever visited, the people were super friendly, and the houses were very pink.

Day 1: Having never been there before we wanted to just walk around and get to know the city a little bit, while we were there the Charleston Wine + Food festival was going on so the town was packed with people and the city was very alive. Upon arrival we smelled the most amazing croissants being baked fresh in a little pastry shop off of King street called Macaroon, so obviously we had to shop and grab one to-go. For the rest of the day we walked up and down King Street and checked out some of the local shops.Then stopped by waterfront park and strolled down some of the historic streets. We ended day one with dinner at Pearlz on East Bay street, and from there I would recommend the Shrimp and Grits with green beans. And then head to Kaminsky’s for a brownie sundae and shot of espresso!

Day 2: On our second day we woke up early to get to Black Tap coffee before the large crowds would get there, Black Tap was one of my favorite places that we went to throughout our entire stay in Charleston. The cappuccino was strong and the chocolate croissant was fresh, hot, and melted in my mouth. Not to forget the interior was just as amazing as what they were serving, it was very minimalistic with natural light streaming in from the windows. After a fulfilling breakfast we walked to visit Battery Park and Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row looked like it does in all the pictures that you see, but it was amazing to see it in person and the houses around it are just as charming. I was also amazed by by how big the houses were. Definitely a must see! After all that we went to the City Market to see what all of the local vendors had made. We ended day two by taking a two hour sail through Charleston Harbor on the sailboat Schooner Pride. Once we got back we headed to Taco Boy for some incredible mexican food and then King Street Cookies for dessert.

Day 3: On our last day in Charleston we decided to rent bicycles from Affordabike Bicycle Shop and just cruised around the entire city. I had never biked in a major city before but Charleston was a very bike friendly place, and made it very easy for me to feel comfortable on the road. We stopped by Sugar bakeshop for a cupcake and it was hands down one of the best chocolate cupcakes I have ever had, I will definitely head back next time I am in town! Another one of my favorite stops was Carmella’s Cafe and Dessert Bar, it reminded me of Paris with its outdoor seating and very feminine chic decor it is a great spot for an afternoon coffee and sweet.

Other notable places I went to are: Folly Beach, The Mills House, Marine Layer, Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, Hominey Grill, Brown’s Court Bakery, Whisk and the Pineapple Fountain.

Also big shout out to The Belmond Hotel for being an amazing host!