NYC Study Tour

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In my last post I described the trip I was taking to New York City with the UNT Fashion Merchandising program, where we got to visit with multiple different brands within the fashion industry and got a chance to ask them questions about how to make a name for ourselves. The industry leaders were rich in advice about connecting with as many people as possible and doing as many internships as you can in different kinds of positions to make certain you are entering the job that is just right for you.

New York was especially hard to leave behind this time because every time that I go, it really does start to feel more and more like home. To make matters worse I went with a group of friends and got dressed in business attire to meet with fashion leaders, so it felt like we had made our own little life there. (If that makes sense… haha) It truly was an unforgettable week filled with laughter, good food, great friends, budding industry connections, and free gifts. This was the jumpstart that I needed to set my goals high and make it back to NYC with a point to prove. As I am writing this I have my LinkedIn profile up and a multitude of  tabs open in the search for a city internship next summer. Fingers crossed and working hard.




Life's Pleasures

Happy New Year to all! I hope that 2015 was all that you wanted it to be and more. Throughout this last year I was fortunate enough to travel to places on my bucket list, make several new friends, and complete my freshman year of college. 2015 was a busy and unforgettable year and I cannot believe it flew by as fast as it did.

2016 resolutions:

1. travel more / take more spontaneous trips with family and friends

2. blog frequently – always fuel my creativity 

3. allow myself to say “yes” to more things

4. exercise at least once a day 

5. document everything – taking pictures, writing it down, etc.

6. focus on right now – putting my phone down while with people 

7. go to more concerts

and lastly..

8. drink more coffee 😉 


I also gathered up some of my favorite memories and major milestones that this this year brought me. I hope you all have an amazing year!