april is over and I learned some things


I few posts ago I wrote about how I was taking a fast fashion hiatus for the month of April, and now that April is over I want to share with you what all this taught me.

First things first, money was saved. Without making constant trips to the mall to visit some of my favorite stores I would stay home or hangout with friends. This left me with more money to spend elsewhere/save for upcoming trips I have planned for this summer which is a win for most.

When I stopped shopping so frequently, I was less influenced to purchase something solely for the fact that is was trendy. Being someone that is pursuing a degree in fashion I am always keeping up with the latest trends which has shifted my style to be more trend focused rather than style focused, but taking this short little break from extreme exposure to it, allowed for me to breath and think about what the clothing actually meant to me…deep I know. What this has done is allow for me to formulate a wish list of items that I think are essential to my desired style not fashion that might be more expensive, but that I can accumulate over a larger span of time.

After taking only a month long break, as soon as I stepped back into a fast fashion retailer I noticed just how saturated and hypnotizing all of it really is. Let me explain. Now that there is such a fast turnaround time for popular trends it is easy for everyone to hop on board because it is so readily available. This makes for a bunch of little trendy robots that all dress the same(I can say this with hopefully little repercussion because I was one not too long ago). We have created a society that is seriously lacking in individuality, which could be potentially damaging to the psyche of a teenager looking to figure out just exactly who they are/want to become.

And last but certainly not least, it felt really great to know that I was helping out the earth. Which could really use all the help it can get right now!!! So reduce, reuse, recycle, and shop sustainable !!

I will continue to shop a majority of my clothing this way, and I hope by reading this some of you will too. I have attached some articles below that share with you where you can buy sustainable/conscious clothing without sacrificing style – please read them!





i am so over fast fashion


For the month of April I have decided to opt out of shopping at “fast fashion” stores. I feel like as a fashion major I always need to keep up with the latest trends and be on top of my game, but what good is that doing for the environment or even for myself? If I am constantly looking at what other people are wearing and mimicking outfits they are putting together, I start to close myself off from being creative and going out of my comfort zone to try and pair something together that I haven’t seen anyone do before. I am totally here for getting inspiration and admiring certain style icons, but I don’t want to try and be them completely!

Also not so fun fact: fashion is the second largest pollutant in the world, second to OIL. Oil you guys!!!! This completely blows my mind. I knew that it was a problem but I didn’t know just how big. Overproducing is real and we need to make more people aware of it. Is always staying on trend worth THIS much damage? The answer is most definitely no. I am going to try my best to do my part and shop exclusively at secondhand stores or only buy from companies that are environmentally conscious or contribute to my communities economy for the month of April and hopefully longer.

Stay tuned to see if I can keep my butt out of Zara!

Journey To BENZIE blooms


For a while now I have felt trapped in a creative rut when it comes to my blog. I knew I need to change up the look and title of my site, as I have grown so much as a person since I first created my blog. When I started this adventure it was my senior year of high school, and I came up with a name that I thought I would love forever – not the case. So, I took the summer to try and find out what direction I wanted to go creatively, and now we’re here.

Here is a look at the journey to BENZIE:

ABOUT ME - Me IMG_5060-3 IMG_5244 IMG_5451 IMG_6373 IMG_7177 IMG_7210 IMG_7256 IMG_7389

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time to rearrange

Fashionista, Miscellaneous

With a new year just beginning I figured it was time to change up my living space a little bit. As I was scrolling through my home decor board on pinterest searching for ideas and inspiration, I noticed that I had pinned a lot of pictures of gallery walls; so I thought that I would start one of my own using pictures I have collected throughout the years. While it might be a little Audrey obsessed, I am loving it so much! As for the rest of my room I just rearranged some of my things to freshen it up a little. Send me some of your favorite home decor ideas! Enjoy!

where to find some of my favorite knick-knacks:

flower pot, ‘B’ coffee mug, duvet/shams, & lamp shade – anthropologie 

get it, girl – nordstrom 

copper clock & lemon canvas – big lots

“oh deer” & flamingo wall art – hobby lobby 

copper moscow mules, throw pillows, & lamp base – pottery barn 

happy decorating!!! 

xo, B





20 Question Tuesday


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Marcella Fruehan has been one of my good friends for quite some time now, and I have seen her transform into such an amazing role model. She has worked so hard for her dream and to get to where she is now. This girl is just destined to be a star, from her youtube channel to her most recent live performance at Klyde Warren Park. Her vocal talent is just killer, it gives me chills every single time. Marcella also has one of the biggest hearts out there. I’m sure that she will be filling Madison Square Garden up in the near future!!! I can’t wait see where she will go (and to tell people that I am friends with THE Marcella Fruehan). Berklee is so lucky to have her this spring!! You go girl! SO proud of you!

1. What is your favorite food?

        I can answer this question without any hesitation and it is sushi, no doubt!!!!

2. What are the top three places you want to travel to on your bucket list?

       St. Thomas, Colorado, and Switzerland!

3. What are you listening to right now?

      Remember you by G-Eazy ft. Blackbear (its pretty rad)

4. What is your favorite TV show?

      Tie between Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story

5. What is your favorite movie of all time?

      THE WHOLE HARRY POTTER SERIES! This obsession will never change

6. Coffee or Tea?

     Tea. Coffee is awful…

7. What is your dream job?

     To be a touring singer/songwriter. But most importantly to inspire and help others.

8. What do you collect?

     I save every movie ticket, concert wristband, boarding pass, etc. anything that i can look at and remember that moment and why it was special to me.

9. Mountains or Beach?

    Mountains! even though I have never really seen/been around mountains I always dream about how awesome it must feel to climb a mountain!!!

10. If you could pick a super power what would it be?

    Teleportation. That would just make life so much easier!

11. Do you think of yourself more as an optimist or pessimist?


12. Do you have a favorite article of clothing?

      I have a few flannels that are one of a kind and no one else has and I just think they are really cool and comfy and they are perfect for everything.

13. What do you like to do in your free time?

     Adventure at any time possible! If I’m not writing or producing of course!

14. If you won the lottery what would you buy?

     I would give a lot of it to charities and shelters and I would buy my parents a house cause how cool would that be?!! Then use the rest to pursue my career!

15. What is your favorite animal?


16. If someone made a movie about your life who would you want to play you?

    Beyonce. She’s the queen.

17. Who is your #WCW or #MCM?

    WCW-Emma Watson and MCM- Channing Tatum (he’s my phone case.. and he’s shirtless)

18. What celebrity do you most idolize or identify with most? Why?

    I really idolize Jennifer Lawrence! She seems to handle everything so maturely but witty at the same time and I love that about her. She’s a strong, independent woman and thats just kick-ass!

19. Where do you go to get inspired?

   My piano.

20. What inspires you?

My life experiences! Living through them and watching others live through theirs.

Find out more about Marcella and what she is up to by checking out her website at: http://www.marcellaofficial.com



20 Question Tuesday


I met Caroline in the eighth grade, we were on the same middle school cheer team. We just were meant to be best friends. Together we kind of make some sort of super human. She is super talkative, spontaneous, really outgoing and I am shy, and more of the “get to know me than I’ll talk your ear off” kind of person. I am essentially of her voice of reason(when she needs it). I have known her most of my life and will continue knowing her for the rest of my life. We have fought, laughed, cried, and done some pretty embarrassing things together. We were there for each other through most of the awkward stages. Which I think builds a strong relationship or at least gives you all the blackmail you need to force them into being your friend. She continues to inspire me all the time to be more open, outgoing, and to embrace your inner quirk. I know she will do great things and aspire to be a great role model to whomever she meets. Ladies and Gentleman this is Caroline Mason. 

Caroline Mason


1. What is your favorite food?

Definitely a tie between cupcakes and anything Italian. also anything chocolate (but isn’t that an obvious answer??)

2. What are the top three places you want to travel to on your bucket list?
Greece, Morocco, & to go back to Nepal
3. What are you listening to right now?
Birds Don’t Sing by: TV Girl
4. What is your favorite TV show?
THE OFFICE (duh), and Girls
5. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Mary Poppins, The Goonies, Les Miserables
6. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one book, what would it be/why?
The Great Gatsby. I can’t even explain why, it’s just always been my favorite classic novel.
7. Coffee or Tea?
English breakfast tea with cream and sugar
8. Baking or Cooking?
9. What is your dream job?
Professional Singer/Songwriter
10. Mountains or Beach?
11. If you could talk to your high school self what would you say?
Quit being so self conscious about what others think of you and learn to control your anxiety
12. What is your favorite smell?
Real lavender, and high-quality sandalwood incense
13. Do you think of yourself more as an optimist or pessimist?
14. Sweet or Salty?
Anything sweet
15. What life lesson have you learned from personal experience that you would want to pass on?
Even when life is horrid, it always gets better. when you’re at your lowest point, life can only get better from there. also, God’s plan is a great one and he always prevails.

16. Do you have a favorite article of clothing?

my white high-tops and my sundress that everyone hates because they say looks like a cheap dress from India

17. If you could go back to any decade, which one and why?
18. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?
This question terrifies me. in 5 years, hopefully I’ll be traveling a bit and just enjoying my 20’s. in 10, I’d hope to be married and be having kids. if not kids, hopefully just traveling and enjoying my husband’s presence
19. If you could have dinner with anyone dead/alive who would it be/why?
All members of the Beatles. They’re my absolute, without-a-doubt, all-time favorite music group. Their lyrics are inspiring and they just exude peace and love, which are the two most important aspects in life.
20. If someone made a movie about your life who would you want to play you?
Lena Dunham. Though we have no similar physical attributes, our personalities are very similar-both very awkward and quirky