april is over and I learned some things


I few posts ago I wrote about how I was taking a fast fashion hiatus for the month of April, and now that April is over I want to share with you what all this taught me.

First things first, money was saved. Without making constant trips to the mall to visit some of my favorite stores I would stay home or hangout with friends. This left me with more money to spend elsewhere/save for upcoming trips I have planned for this summer which is a win for most.

When I stopped shopping so frequently, I was less influenced to purchase something solely for the fact that is was trendy. Being someone that is pursuing a degree in fashion I am always keeping up with the latest trends which has shifted my style to be more trend focused rather than style focused, but taking this short little break from extreme exposure to it, allowed for me to breath and think about what the clothing actually meant to me…deep I know. What this has done is allow for me to formulate a wish list of items that I think are essential to my desired style not fashion that might be more expensive, but that I can accumulate over a larger span of time.

After taking only a month long break, as soon as I stepped back into a fast fashion retailer I noticed just how saturated and hypnotizing all of it really is. Let me explain. Now that there is such a fast turnaround time for popular trends it is easy for everyone to hop on board because it is so readily available. This makes for a bunch of little trendy robots that all dress the same(I can say this with hopefully little repercussion because I was one not too long ago). We have created a society that is seriously lacking in individuality, which could be potentially damaging to the psyche of a teenager looking to figure out just exactly who they are/want to become.

And last but certainly not least, it felt really great to know that I was helping out the earth. Which could really use all the help it can get right now!!! So reduce, reuse, recycle, and shop sustainable !!

I will continue to shop a majority of my clothing this way, and I hope by reading this some of you will too. I have attached some articles below that share with you where you can buy sustainable/conscious clothing without sacrificing style – please read them!





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