3 Reasons Why I FW Valentine’s Day


Okay so typically people will feel one of two ways on Valentine’s Day- you either love it or absolutely despise it. The “fans” usually have a significant other to celebrate with and the “haters” are so single that seeing the corny festivities that come with the retched day really piss them off. But yet here I am saying there is another way? Hear me out.

Let’s start out with the most obvious of the three reasons… chocolate. As I am writing this I literally have one hand stuffing my mouth with truffles from a heart-shaped box and the other trying to type this post. Anyways, this day completely revolves around any and all types of chocolate, and that in itself is reason enough to celebrate. Whether you buy it for yourself like I did(yep, single as a pringle) or you have a cutie buying it for you, you get to sit around all day with chocolate just an arms length away.

Reason two is you get to wear all the p i n k and r e d that you want and no one can stare at you with a cocked eyebrow and puzzled expression. I may dress in these colors most days of the week and receive that look all the time, but come Tuesday I will be rocking this color combo with some serious pride!! So get excited and THINK PINK. (See the outfits I am considering for the big day below)

Valentine’s Day when stripped down to its core is really all about LOVE and that is something that we all want and probably actually already have. Sure, maybe it isn’t in the form of a partner, but almost all of us have a strong/steady group of friends, parent(s), siblings, etc. who love them… and that is fabulous you guys! Especially during the current times we need to be spreading more love, so smile at someone and hug all of your loved ones super tight!

All photos by // Chloe Nicole Photography: @chloenicolephotos @chloe_gonzales

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