Fall Favorites


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I was scrolling through my Pinterest, and got inspired to share some of my favorite fall trends of 2014.

I am obsessed with DENIM and all of its blue hue; from a vintage jean jacket to a well-worn pair of boyfriend jeans, you can never have enough denim. One of my favorite things about autumn is the layering; start with a nice chambray blouse, add an oversized sweater, and top it off with a trench coat and scarf. Anything works. Another trend to obsess over is camel colored everything. As seen above, you can put together entire monochromatic outfits with just the camel color. But what has caught my eye the most this season is the Tomboy Chic trend. I think this trend just makes you look so edgy and cool; for the girl who loves – and knows her fashion, but maybe wants to be comfortable and subtle about it. I know I will definitely be embracing my inner tomboy this season. Leave a comment and tell me what inspires your fall wardrobe!

Off to the Fashion X Dallas fashion show,



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