Deep Ellum and Begin Again

Life's Pleasures

I spent the day with some of my close girl friends in Deep Ellum. We walked around old vintage shops, ate humongous slices of delicious pizza, and laughed a lot. While it was a very hot day in Dallas that didn’t stop us from having an amazing day. No weather can get us down.

Later that night me and one of my bestfriends Caroline went to a unique indie film theatre called Angelika to see the flick Begin Again. It was quirky in all the right places and classy in other. Equipped with chandeliers and champagne it was looking to be a glamorous night. I got a mocha instead of champagne –I’m 17 remember???!! As we took our seats and the film began(again) we knew it was going to be good. As far as predictions go we were dead on. The fashion and singing by Keira Knightley was done exquisitely. I love you Keira!!! It was overall an amazing film and I can’t wait to purchase it!!




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