LA travels day 2


Today at FIDM we learned that Fashion is also a form of art – I already knew that, but still a good reminder. We ended up up taking a regular XL white T-shirt and transforming it into our own interpretation of wearable art. It turned out pretty decent for the amount of experience we had, I think. After that class we went to product management and made a sort of inspiration board, we had the choice to do carnival or to give a try at gothic. Carnival ended up being what we chose, our board was one of the best in the class. Last class of day one was Trends. I went into camp knowing I was very interested in learning more about trends so this class already had some appeal to me. As we walked into the class we were greeted by a cute little French woman in the most adorable outfit, a black bubble skirt paired with a light pink blouse –tucked in, and the cutest black pumps. The class itself was very exciting and interesting, it’s amazing how quickly trends are cycled in//out. I had such an insightful and delightful insight to what the fashion industry is really about. After all of that FIDM goodness we drove down to Seal Pier to have a picnic on the beach we sipped on pink lemonade and snacked on french macarons, sammies, mangos, and pita chips all while reading great books and magazines. It was very therapeutic and relaxing, just what we needed after such a long day.

All for now,







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