officially an allen alumni

Officially an Allen Alumni

cheesin’ big time because…no more high school!!!!!

This past Friday I closed a chapter of my life. I graduated from Allen High School. While I will miss it (a little), I am beyond excited to start experiancing a new and exciting world– adulthood. I finally can move on from the people that have known me practically my entire life, I no longer have the labels that they had given me. This new beginning will have all new faces that won’t know who I was in high school. I am free to be whoever I want, and that is a good feeling. My wish for this new chapter is to meet the people that will be my friends for life, to find a major that I love and will enjoy doing for the rest of my life, to travel, to fall in love, find a place to call home, and to really find myself. I am excited for what this next chapter will bring, but I am also very nervous. I have developed a comfortable routine, I know who and where everything is. Letting go of that routine will be difficult, exciting, and scary but I could not be more ready than I am now.

— Also I am learning how to speak French and sew this summer so that is exciting. More post to come to tell you how that is going.


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