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I’m trying really hard to stop using the phrase, “I’m bored.” Although, it can be tough when you live in the suburbs to have different things to do each day. When friends ask the question, “What’re we going to do today?” it really puts you on the spot and you definitely do not want to disappoint — comes with quite the backlash. A lot of the time I end up suggesting that we make the drive into Dallas for a fun-filled adventure (we always end up having a really amazing time no matter what we end up doing). For example, this exact scenario happened to me this past Friday…so me and one of my best friends, Caroline, decide to make the quick twenty minute drive down to a neat thrift store called, Buffalo Exchange to find some goodies. We both left with a few key pieces to our growing wardrobes. I snagged a metallic blouse and a over-sized flannel, while she found two pairs of some kick a$$ boots. I had to rush home to send my articles of clothing into the laundry, so I could wear them to dinner that night. Which brings me to my dinner plans with my other dear friend, Hannah. To make it one helluva day/night we went back downtown to eat in Deep Ellum. We chose a little two story Mexican food restaurant, next to this huge sculpture of an eyeball — creepy right? Overall I had a pretty impressive day. A big shout out to my girls for being incredible.


me and hannah – my homie g

Xx, B

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