dallas farmers market

Life's Pleasures

got fruit?


a bundle of daisies is good for the soul


i hope she knows she has a pineapple on her head


choosing precisely the perfect apple is harder than it appears

Gallivanting- To go around from one place to another in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.

My day was extravagant in a subtle way. Starting with a cup of coffee and a morning of ease, we got ready for a day full of wonder. Once in Downtown Dallas we made our way to the Farmers Market, where we were lured in to the greenhouse that held the mass of fresh flowers. Later we headed over to all the fruits and vegetables imaginable. Walking in and out through the isles of vendors handing out samples with grins on their faces, we couldn’t help but to smile ourselves. Neither of us ever experiencing anything like it before in our lives, we took every sight, smell, and sound in. We never wanted to leave, but alas we picked out several fruits and went on our way. Next stop Kylde Warren Park. Once there we picked up a deli sandwich from Gandolfo’s food truck and made ourselves comfortable in the vibrant green grass for a picnic. The sun was shining so brightly, creating more freckles on our faces. After our stomachs reached maximum capacity we decided to walk off our meal by marching down several different streets of downtown. Overall it was a very organic day, rich of memories that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for sunny days spent with the best of friends.



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