spring break 2014

Life's Pleasures

For my senior year spring break I went to Destin, FL, Austin, TX, and New Orleans, LA. I had such an amazing time with all my family and friends that accompanied me. We walked down Bourbon ST and stopped for some Louisiana famous beignets at Cafe Beignet, they were INCREDIBLE btw (strongly recommend them), had our palms read at some eerie voodoo shop by a 90 year old women– very scary, and lastly had Red Beans and Rice at a quaint little place on the corner of the street. It was such an interesting place with a very cool vibe. I can’t wait to go back sometime! Destin was a much more easy-going place (at least for me). Which is exactly what I wanted it to be, with all the stress of the future and school it was nice to be away for a while. Not to mention the view was like something I had never seen, crystal clear blue water and the whitest sand you will ever lay eyes on. Last but certainly not least, the ever so organic Austin, TX. My dad and I drove down to Austin this past Saturday to look around a little before a wedding we were to attend the following Sunday. We went to a really cool Graffiti Park located near the corner of Baylor Street and 12th Street and took some pretty snazzy pictures. The next morning before we got ready for the wedding we had brunch at Walton’s Fancy and Staple. This was one of the most sophisticated/cool/hip place I have ever been to. I ordered a Mocha Latte and Challah French Toast, all I’ll say is that every visit in the future I will be going here at some point for more. Overall it was a busy week full of every emotion, definitely one for the ages.


beautiful beach in destine, fl


sister is now a mermaid


having a sister is so much fun


creativity takes courage


walton’s fancy and staple austin, tx


best of beignets in nola


the happy couple in austin, tx


Xx Bailey

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