new do


I had never dyed my hair before last year, then I succumbed to the “ombre” trend. After i dyed it once there was no going back. Now anytime I have the same hair-do for to long I get agitated and bored. A few weeks ago the urge to change my hair again reappeared, so after what felt like an eternity I found a hairstyle that I liked, and rolled with it. Today I got blonde highlights in my naturally strawberry blonde hair. The new look will definitely take some getting used to…but for now it stays. As for Wardrobe Thursday, I found the most lovely rose colored sweater from Anthropologie(my favorite store) when I was wondering about in Watters Creek shopping center that I just had to have. I paired it with some boyfriend jeans(American Eagle Outfitters), booties(Steve Madden), and gold accessories(Forever 21/Kate Spade). See pictures below

image (8)

showing off my new hair

image (9)

boyfriends jeans are my favorite

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