my yoga practice

Life's Pleasures

A few weeks ago I started practicing yoga, and so far it has been incredible. Finally I have found an exercise that I can tolerate/enjoy. Yay! Now I just hope I can stay dedicated. Something that surprised me in my first class was that I had been breathing wrong almost my entire life… which is weird to think, since I have been breathing since birth. Yoga is unbelievably relaxing, it completely calms you down and gets in touch with your inner thoughts. I found myself with a clear mind for the first time since starting highschool. It was like all my problems drifted far far away for a little while. It felt nice. For an hour all was tranquil. If you get the chance to give it a try, I think you should! At least try and snag a GroupOn and go with a girlfriend, that way if you hate it you have someone to laugh the whole thing off with. Just something to consider.. Stay warm!

Xx Bailey

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